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Cleaning machine Clean-o-mat FR-90H
Cleaning machine Clean-o-mat FR-90H

A well-known manufacturer of storage facilities needed an economical and efficient solution for the intermediate cleaning of stamped and turned housings. Due to the broad range of housings and the minimal pre-set treatment times, a competent supplier was sought, which, because of its experience and corresponding flexibility would dare to handle this task. The choice was PERKUTE. In constructive talks between the specialist departments and application engineers as well as extensive trials a concept of a machine was eventually developed, which meets all the required performance data laid down in the specifications. The housings with a diameter of 10 – 120 mm were contaminated by cooling emulsions, chipping and swarf. The adhesive contaminations caused failures e.g. with feeding and measuring devices that were connected to further production units. The internal transport of products that have to be cleaned is carried out using discharge boxes sized 500x300x200 mm. To avoid additional handling the system was pre-set to these parameters. The cleaning machine and its feeding and removal stations were supposed to provide for the supply of four discharge boxes of contaminated and cleaned components respectively and at the same time enable the cleaning of two discharge boxes. To achieve oil-free and dry quality the discharge boxes lying on the sliding rack are taken to a rotating device. During the washing process the whole device is set in rotation and in the first phase it is cleaned in a neutral, watery cleaning liquid.

Drum facility with sliding rack
Drum facility with sliding rack

The concentration of the cleaner is below 1.5 per cent and the washing temperature is set to 65 degrees Celsius. With an appropriate pumping capacity and an ideally adjusted nozzle tube system the desired degree of cleanliness is achieved. In the second phase of the process, which can be switched on or off alternatively, the housings are blow-cleared with heated air. Side channel blowers provide a suitably strong volume flow rate and the air heaters, which are adjusted to the system, provide the necessary heat. To minimize the drying time the rotation is also maintained in this section. It is not until the end of the whole process that the rotating device is set to its zero position so that the machine can be fed again.
The machine’s liquid tank contains 400 liters. With regard to operation in three shifts, the whole machine is equipped with an insulation of 25 mm, which is situated inside a stainless steel covering. To maintain the cleaning performance, a bag filter element has been inserted. Thus it is ensured that the released solid particles are permanently removed from the cleaning machine and are not carried back to the products through the circulation system. Due to the insertion of a programmable coalescence separator the oil in the washing liquid within the bypass is removed. The bath lifetime can thus be considerably increased and the demand of an environmentally friendly cleaning machine is also taken into consideration.

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