Clean-o-mat PWT

The biological part cleaner Clean-o-mat PWT removes processing oils, cooling lubricants and "light greases". By the natural one microorganisms are the pollutions immediately dismantled.

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  • New triple filtration design:
    coarse filter, fine filter, magnet
  • Filterbag
  • Usable area 730 x 520 mm with
    load capacity 100 kg
  • Unit out of plastic (PE),
    no risk of corrosion.
  • Extra easy to maintain
    - Control box contains the complete
    control- and pump device.
    Can be exchanged fast and easy
    at malfunction.
  • Drain device make the exchange
    of the bio cleaner easier.

Technical Data

Clean-o-mat PWT
Working height
Inside dimension
Load capacity
Operating temperature
980/ 910 mm
B 730 x D 520 mm
Max. 100 kg
41° C
650 W
Optimal filling capacity
Weight (empty)
Electric connection
40 W
90 Liter
45 kg
230 V, 50 Hz

No liability accepted for specifications, which are subject to alteration.


Coarse filter, fine filter, magnet
Coarse filter, fine filter, magnet
Brush cleaning
Brush cleaning
Wash-up system
Wash-up system
Filterbag (Standard)
Filterbag (Standard)
Fine filter (Option)
Fine filter (Option)

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