Application reports - Clean-o-mat SP 120

"Chocolate-factory" - Cleaning of casting tools

The casting tools of a well known food producer were cleaned manually in a very time expensive way. Due to the use of several PERKUTE - parts cleaning machines this process could be taken to an economic maximum amount.

The cleaning task

Conversion tools, pouring plates, pumping system and riddler have to be removed of chocolate "at the place of the event", this means in an immediate proximity to the production center.

3 - 5 kg of chocolate remains are removed from each form and during each cleaning process.
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The cleaning process

casting tools after cleaning
casting tools after cleaning
The cleaning process lasts for approx. 5 min. in our Clean-o-mat part cleaning machines, this means that cleaning by hand in the cleaning basins can be dropped.
The cleaning happens exclusively with clear water. The slope of the machine bottom to the drain cock promotes the draining of the cleaning fleet without problems.
The corpus of the Clean-o-mat part cleaning machine SP-VA of course is manufactured of stainless high-grade steel. Our Clean-o-mat part cleaning machines are already 3 times in use by the greatest chocolate-manufacturer of the world. The conversion tools, pouring plates, pumping system and riddler are simply put into the Clean-o-mat, the lid closed and the cleaning program started (approx. 5 min) by pressing the button . The duration of the cleaning process as well as the ready status can be programmed by means of an automatic timer.
Techincal data - Clean-o-mat SP 120
Useful basket Ø 1140 mmRating 230/400 V/ 24 A/  50 Hz
Useful height 500 mmPump motor 4 kW
Loading height 830 mmHeating capacity 9 kW
Permissible basket load 500 kgRotary basket drive 0,09 kW 
Liquid volume 210 lSteam extraction 1-step 0,45 kW
Pump flow rate 280 l/minTotalheight ca. 1250 mm
Injection pressure 5 barTotalwidth ca. 1640 mm
  Totaldepth ca. 1740 mm
  Totalweight ca. 350 kg

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