Frontloader parts cleaning machines


The PERKUTE parts cleaning machines from the Frontloader series
are specially conceived for the simple and effective cleaning and
de-greasing of both, high-volume components as well as
heavy components, as well as those with complex
and sensitive geometries.

The workpieces are loaded through crane charging or with
loading trolleys or loading ramps onto the product slide and
then into the washing system.
The stainless steel frontloader washing machines with their
space-saving, compact design, either work with a
driven rotating basket or in the case of sensitive parts,
with a nozzle pipe system transported by means of
a double-chain, with the products being at rest.

All the process stages like washing, rinsing
(not in the case of the FR Series) and drying take place
in the same treatment chamber.
A large number of options for preparing the process
media leaves almost nothing to be desired.

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