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Type of Cleaner:Range of application:
Cleaner 02 (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 703
Strong alkaline, fast- separating spray cleaner for high cleaning demands. Revomes oil, grease and colour residues. For degreasing of iron, non ferrous metal and aluminum.
Cleaner 03 (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 704
Light alkaline, foam free, concentrated spray degreasing- and deadening agent. For the degreasing of iron, brass and aluminium.The product is usable at room temperature and, therefore, suitable for subsequent measuring systems.
Cleaner 04 (powder)
Art.-No. 12 705
Strong alkaline, fast separating spray cleaner. For the degreasing of iron, aluminum zinc, brass and copper. The product is also suitable for cleaning strong greasy repair parts (ball bearing, rolling bearing)
Cleaner 05 (powder)
Art.-No. 12 706
Strong alkaline, spray cleaner. For the removal of oils, rust and varnish residues as well as of anti-friction bonderizing coat. Suitable only for iron materials.
Cleaner 06 (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 717
Composite degreasing and phosphate coating agent. For the treatment of iron materials. Removes oil and grease residues. For the preparation of parts to be painted.
Cleaner 07 (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 734
Light acidic spray cleaner for the removal of very greasy and pigmented stains, as in the degreasing of lubricating greases. Suitable for stainless steel, brass and aluminium, copper, some ferrous materials. Has a brightening effect on aluminium
and copper.
Cleaner 08 (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 709
Neutral spray cleaner with anticorrosive for iron materials. For the removal of light or medium oil, grease and emulsion residues. Suitable for all metals and to some degree magnesium.
Cleaner 10 (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 712
Deadening agent. For the prevention of rust film production on ferrous products.
Cleaner 12 (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 714
Light alkaline, fast- separating spray cleaner. For the removal of oil, grease, emulsion, lubricant and wax. Suitable for all metals; limited for zinc and aluminum.
Cleaner 14 (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 723
Cleaning strengthener with good demulsibility for the improvement of cleaner performance.
Cleaner KLT (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 725
Powerful, alkaline cleaning agent for removing oily and fat-based residue on plastic crates. Suitable for plastic, stainless steel and limited suitable for aluminium, copper and brass.
Antifoaming agent 50 (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 715
Biologically degradable anti-foamer. To tackle unwanted foam development, arising from detached natural oils and greases.
Antifoaming agent 51 (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 701
Biologically degradable silicon-defoaming emulsion. Serves the avoidance of foam development.
Emulsion cleaver 52 (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 719
For the removal of dissolved, emulsifieded oil, grease and soaps out of used wash baths.
Ion exchanger resin 700 (Granules)
Art.-No. 12 727
For the production of totaly demineralized water
Leracid machine cleaner (liquid)
Art.-No. 12 724
Strongly acidic spray cleaner for internal cleaning of machines. Removes stubborn lime incrustations.

All offered cleaners correspond to the bills like water budget law, detergent law as well as the danger good ordinance as the corresponding valid version.

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